School Textbooks, Library Books, and iPad Equipment Are Due

All school materials – textbooks, iPad equipment (cables, charging block, shield, case, and iPad) library books, ELA novels – are due at school now. Teachers have already begun collecting these items from your students. Failure to return school property will result in charges for the missing items. 8th-grade students will have their graduation diplomas withheld until the materials are returned or the fine paid. 7th- and 6th-grade students will have their schedules and iPads withheld at the August Luau.

Due dates for iPad and accessories collection:
8th Grade – due last Friday, June 7
7th Grade – due Wednesday, June 13
6th Grade – due Monday, June 11
For questions or concerns, contact Ms. Bosch at 650 326 4341 x2002 in the office. Bills will be going out to parents starting the week of June 11.

No Dogs on Field

Reminder that no dogs are allowed on campus. This is to keep our field clean and safe for all of our students.

Host 2018-19 School Year Interns from Spain

If you would like to be a host family or have questions, see the flyer here for more information or contact Liliana here or 415-297-0125.

End of Year Independent Study Plans

For students who leave before the final day of school, an independent study plan is an option that allows students to complete all assignments and assessments. If your student will be missing three or more days at the end of the school year, they may complete an ISP. However, note that the work, including assessments, must be completed before the student departs. Completed ISPs are due Friday, June 15. More details here.

Last Week of School Celebration – Hawkapalooza

Friday, June 15, 9:25 – 11:45 a.m. In addition to our middle-school students, former Hillview students, who are now college or high-school students, can revisit during this fun-filled day, planned by the leadership students with Mr. Darmanin. There a few volunteer spots open, see the sign-up sheet here for the various stations. Queries? Contact Alice here.

2018 Hillview Grad-Night News

Friday, June 15, our 8th-grade students will be celebrating the end of middle school! It is a Hillview tradition that the 8th-grade parents plan and fund a party immediately following the formal graduation commencement ceremony. It is a special evening, one last chance to spend time with Hillview friends before moving on to high school. The evening includes dancing, food, and fun entertainment. All grad-night questions are welcome – email Rina here.

  • Grad-Night Funds Still Needed  Thank you all for your generosity and support so far, but we are still $1500 shy of our goal. If you have not given yet or if you would like to help a little more, visit here.
  • Calling All Parents – Volunteer to Help with Grad Night!  8th-grade parents, come help make the gym sparkle. It will be a wonderful time to be with friends as we transform the gym into something awesome. Sign up here today!
  • 6th- and 7th-Grade Parents Come and join as chaperones, pre-party and post-party support. These are a fun jobs and will give you a chance to see how grad night works. You may get some ideas for your future 8th-grade student celebration. Pay it forward each year for the 8th-grade parents. (We were the chaperones and party support for previous years’ graduates.) Sign up here!
  • Beg, Borrow, Steal!  We are hoping to borrow items for the event. Check out the list here and see if you can support us . Party set-up begins June 12, 5:00 p.m., but if more convenient, you can leave items earlier. All items can be picked up Friday after the event or Saturday morning.

ACTION REQUIRED!  Whooping Cough (Pertussis) Tdap Vaccinatione

Students entering 7th grade next school year are required by law to provide proof of a whooping cough booster, or Tdap shot (Td does not meet the requirement). Students will not receive their class schedule at the Luau on August 21 or will not be admitted on the first day of school if proof is not received before these events.

Bring an updated copy of your child’s immunization record showing proof of Tdap to the school office now. Do not mark or highlight this record. If there is a verified medical condition against vaccination, you are required to provide the school with a doctor’s written statement. The information required in this statement may be found in the FAQ section on the Shots for School website here. Acceptable proof of immunization includes:

  • Print-out or copy of immunization record from your child’s clinic or physician’s office
  • A copy of the yellow immunization record
  • A certification of Tdap booster notice from your child’s clinic, physician’s office, or pharmacy

All these documents must have your child’s name, date of birth, date Tdap was administered, and a stamp or physician’s signature from the clinic. For more information about the law and whooping cough, visit here, or contact Nancy McMahon, Health Services Assistant, here or (650) 321-7140, x5912.

Deadline – First Newsletter 2018-19 School Year

Tuesday, August 14 at noon for publication Friday, August 17, 2018. Email here if you would like the newsletter to send a reminder in August to prepare your submission for deadline.

Camp Hillview Lunch Volunteer

If you have a 6th grade student coming to Hillview next year, maybe you’d like to be involved. We need an enthusiastic, responsible volunteer to take on the one-day job of Camp Hillview Lunch Coordinator for Wednesday, August 22. Contact Aimee Mathenia here if interested.

Hillview Academy Support Program

We are looking for parent volunteers for the Hillview Academy Support Program for the 2018-19 school year! Sign up to be part of the Academy Support Team – a group of parents who help with academy activities and events – or volunteer as the Academy Lead Parent – the middle-school version of a room parent, but with fewer events and less work. Starts in late August, learn more here. For questions contact Gina here or Ashley here.

Lost & Found

Tuesday, June 12 is the last day to pick up any items at Lost & Found, located in the student center.  ALL items will be donated on Wednesday, June 13.

Teacher and Staff Year-End Gifts

Parents are encouraged to contribute to a centralized Teacher and Staff Gift Fund (organized by PTO volunteers) and all proceeds are used to buy gift cards for the entire Hillview team. The Gift Fund is used to recognize all academy teachers, elective teachers, specialists, custodians, and staff. Contact Molly here. Several ways to participate:
  • Use PayPal here or here
  • Leave cash at the Hillview Office in an envelope labeled Molly Gibbons
  • Leave a check (made out to Molly Gibbons) in the Hillview office
  • Mail to Molly Gibbons, 115 Pineview Lane, Menlo Park, CA 94025

Hillview Academy Support Program

We are looking for parent volunteers for the Hillview Academy Support Program for the 2018-19 school year! Sign up to be part of the Academy Support Team – a group of parents who help with academy activities and events, or volunteer as the Academy Lead Parent – middle-school version of a room parent, but not as many events and less work. Starts in late August, learn more here. For questions contact Gina here or Ashley here.

Hillview Library

Get Ready for Summer!
Over the summer, Hillview expects all students to read at least two books, but we hope students read a lot more! Find more info on the summer reading program at the library website here. Although the library will be closed over the summer, OverDrive is available 24/7 to check out eBooks and audiobooks for summer reading. See a librarian for help with OverDrive, and check out this guide to our Audiobook collection here. We have a great collection of books. If you would like your child to have access to the Teen books, sign the form here and return to the librarians before summer.

All Library Books Are Due Now
Check email for an overdue notice! We appreciate your help getting books back before summer begins.

Books to Donate?
If your Spring (or Summer!) cleaning has left you with books, consider donating to Hillview. We will take gently-used middle grade and YA books and distribute them to classroom collections. Preferably in August, but let us know if you have some now!

Volunteer at Hillview in 2018-19

Hillview is a community-supported school – not just with money but with time. Our volunteers contribute hundreds and hundreds of hours of time that save our school, and our district, literally thousands of dollars, and free up time for our teachers and administrators to concentrate on what is most important: educating our children.

To be able to continue to offer our students the most innovative education in a supportive environment, we need each family to contribute 5 hours of volunteer time per year. There are dozens of ways to share your time with our community – in a classroom, on campus, or from home. Would you like to co-lead your child’s academy? Can you serve hot lunch once a month? Chaperone two dances, or a field trip? Coordinate a special event for a teacher via email from home? Fill out our volunteer questionnaire here or contact Hillview’s PTO Volunteer Coordinator, Nancy Witeck, and she will help identify a meaningful way for you to help!

Calling all wordsmiths! | Join the newsletter team!

Your editorial skills are in demand! The PTO communications team is looking for a second editor to help deliver the weekly newsletter to the Hillview community. It’s a very gratifying role; you can do it from anywhere; the time commitment is totally manageable; and it’s a collaborative effort. You’ll help us gather submissions, pop them into our email template, then don your editing cap to pare down the prose and spruce up the grammar. Intrigued? Willing and able? We hope you’ll be in touch. Contact us here.

Dress for Success Norms

As the weather gets warmer, we want to refocus on our Hillview Dress for Success Norms. If students do not comply with our Dress for Success norms, they have three options: change into other clothing they currently have with them, change into PE clothes – either their own or clean loaner sets in the office, or call home for a change of clothes.
Dress for Success Norms are as follows:
  • All students must be covered completely from mid-thigh to top of chest in non-see-through materials.
  • The front and back of a shirt (or top of any kind) must be connected over both shoulders.
  • Clothing must cover all undergarments.
  • Hats and head coverings (except those worn for religious purposes) are only allowed outside of classrooms.
  • Clothing must be free of obscene or inappropriate words and/or logos.

Letter from Superintendent Burmeister

MPCSD responds to the most recent school shooting and to what degree school sites will participate in upcoming organized events for political expression, you will find it here.

After-School Program

Register for PTO-Sponsored Spring Programs!
The links below will provide more about each program including a course description, registration links, and pricing information. Note that each program will only be offered if the minimum student enrollment is reached. Contact Hillview PTO After-School Programs Coordinator, Jamey Hawkins here.

  • Monday: Coding Python Level I here, Coding Python Level II here, Mat Club/Wrestling here
  • Tuesday: Speech and Debate here
  • Wednesday: Bookopolis Book Club here, Spring Master Cooking (information coming,) Mat Club/Wrestling here, Mandarin here, Writing Workouts here
  • Thursday: Writing Workouts here
  • Friday: Currently no scheduled programs

Wrestling Program/Mat Clubs
Mat Club mission is to help you become more athletic, stronger, and faster through the high-energy learning experience of wrestling. Our practices consist of constant movement, strength training, flexibility, and dynamic agility exercises. By the end of six weeks you will have basic defense and offense skills such as a double-leg takedown, arm throw, and escapes. Invite your friends! You will need partners! Practices consist of a significant amount of partner workouts such as having to lift, roll, and carry your partner across the mat. We play games such as the Queen/King of the mat, Sumo, mat ball. As a team, we will have an opportunity to compete in tournaments or against local teams. Join us for the most fun and challenging workout of your life! Girls are especially encouraged as wrestling is the fastest growing sport nationwide. Get more information and register here. Contact Abby Ericson here with any questions! See you there!

MPCSD and Hillview Summer Drama Program
Register now! MPCSD and Hillview Drama will once again be offering a Summer Drama Program. This summer drama camp is for incoming 4th graders through exiting 8th graders who are enrolled in one of the MPCSD schools. Session 1 will present Disney’s the Lion King KIDS & JR and will run June 25 – July 6. Session 2 will present Disney’s Cinderella KIDS and The Little Mermaid JR and will run from July 9 – July 20. Join us and enjoy a summer of fun, singing, dancing, and acting (backstage roles available, too)! Register online here. You may also email Rachel M. Knight here or William Hairston here for any questions. Flyer is available in the school office.

After-School Sports

Hillview After-School Sport Jerseys
Return your sports jerseys to the Hillview front office.

After-School Sports 2018-19
Current 6th- and 7th-grade students interested in playing Fall sports – girls volleyball or flag football – should be prepared to register as soon as school begins.

  • Girls volleyball registration opens August 23 here. There will be a mandatory team-placement workout for team selection that will take place on September 5 after school.
  • Flag football registration also opens August 23 here. We anticipate at high turn out so register early. First practice is September 4.

We wish everyone a wonderful summer. Congratulations to the 8th-grade students on their graduation and best of luck in high school!

For questions regarding After-School Sports:
Harry Bell
Hillview Athletic Director
(650) 483-4049

PTO Registrations coordinator is Matt Ericksen here and Athletic Director for next year is Huck Hunt here or (650) 454-6536.

2018 – 2019 School Calendar

The school calendar here was approved at the School Board meeting February 13. Elementary parent/teacher conference dates will take place in December; this conferencing model was used by the district in years past. By December, teachers have more information and believe it is a more valuable time to discuss your student’s school experience with you.

Attendance Corner

Good school attendance is critical for student success at Hillview. We know that good school attendance is learned early in a child’s school career. Students who go to school every day develop healthy patterns for life and positive mindsets that continue throughout their educational career and beyond. Thank you for modeling this for your child by making sure they are at school and on time every day.

Health Corner

At times it is difficult to decide whether to send your child to school. Your child needs to stay at home when they have:

  • Any contagious disease
  • Nausea or vomiting within the last 24 hours or temperature over 100 degrees F; temperature needs to be normal for 24 hours before returning to school
  • Frequent coughing or very runny nose
  • Diarrhea within the last 24 hours
  • Sore throat
  • Severe headache
  • Skin rash-ALL rashes must be diagnosed by a doctor
  • Open sores, unless the area can be covered with a dressing
  • Earache, toothache or other severe pain

Our school office has competent and qualified personnel. If your child becomes ill or injured at school:

  • Basic First Aid will be administered by designated school personnel.
  • For more complex illnesses and injuries, you will be notified and asked to pick up your child immediately.
  • If you work or are unavailable, please arrange for an alternate plan of care and pick up.
  • Evaluate your child’s readiness to return to school base on the guidelines listed above.

If your child needs to take medication at school:

  • A Medication Authorization form must be completed and returned to the school office with medication(s) before your child begins school.
  • All medication (prescription and over-the-counter) must be in the original labeled container.
  • Consider asking your child’s doctor to arrange the dosage intervals so that medication can be given during non-school hours. Medication Authorization forms may be obtained here or in any school office.

Medication at School

If your child requires any medication at school, prescribed and/or over-the-counter, medication authorization from your child’s health care provider is required. Forms may be printed from the district website here.  

If you received new forms in the mail in June 2017 and you have not brought your completed paperwork and medications to the school office, please do so immediately. Medications should expire in June 2018 or later.

If your child no longer requires medication at school, please indicate so in writing here to Nancy McMahon, Health Services Assistant.

Attention Tinsley Route Bus Riders!

Due to heavy morning traffic on Willow Road, we are adjusting our morning Tinsley routes for Hillview Middle School so that all students can arrive to school on time. Pickup times will be five minutes earlier at each site, allowing ample time for students to get to school. This change is in effect beginning Tuesday, January 9. The schedule is listed below. Questions regarding this change, go here.
6:45 a.m. p/u Euclid Avenue and O’Connor Street.
6:55 a.m. p/u Boy’s & Girl’s Club EPA (Pulgas Avenue and O’Connor Street)
7:05 a.m. p/u Castano School (Purdue Avenue and Fordham Street)
7:10 a.m. p/u Cesar Chaves School (Bay Road and Oakwood Drive)
7:20 a.m. p/u Belle Haven School (Almanor Avenue and Hamilton Avenue)
7:50 a.m. p/u Middle Avenue and University Drive
7:52 a.m. p/u Middle Avenue and Arbor Road (Front of Baptist Church)
7:54 a.m. p/u Middle Avenue and Cotton Street
8:00 a.m. d/o Oak Knoll School
8:10 a.m. d/o Hillview School

Smart Watches

Per our personal electronics policy here, Smart Watches, such as Apple Watches are not allowed at school. Smart Watches, like cell phones or other personal electronic devices, should be “off and invisible” during the school day.

After-School Academic Support

Is your student looking for additional support with academics? Go here to review the after-school academic supports Hillview has to offer. Hillview offers several programs to help students boost their learning. Go Hawks!

Student Handbook and Reporting an Absence

If your student is going to be absent from school, please report the absence and the reason for the absence to Mrs. Cathy Bell, our Attendance Clerk. She is available by phone at (650) 326-4341 or by email here. If an absence is not reported, Mrs. Bell will contact parents/guardians to get the reason for the absence for attendance reporting purposes. See the Hillview Handbook here for more information.


At Hillview, we stress the importance of being on time for school and for class so that students set themselves up for success each day. A student earns a tardy for being late to school or class without a valid reason. Please see our Hillview Handbook here for more information. Our tardy policy for any class period is as follows:
Tardy 1 and 2 are “Free”
Tardy 3, 4, and 5 each earn an office detention
Tardy 6 and up each earn a Saturday School

The 2017-18 Online Directory is here!

We have moved to an all new, stand alone version of the online directory this year. It’s available here. 
To access the directory for the first time, please register from the sign in page using your email address that is registered with the District. A confirmation link will be sent to verify your email address and you’ll be able to set a new password for your account. Your directory account is currently independent from the district login accounts and requires a separate login. Once signed in, you can search for student or parent/guardian names, and view class lists. The directory is also mobile-browser friendly. You can add its icon to your home screen on both iOS and Android devices.
If you have trouble accessing the directory, see information that needs to be corrected, or have suggestions and/or feedback, send email here.

ASB Cards

Still interested in purchasing an ASB card to support our student activities program?  With an ASB card, you not only support ASB, but you also get your yearbook, a spirit shirt, and discounts to events like dances and the Talent Show.  ASB cards with student photos will be delivered to students in their Launch class in late September. You can purchase here and bring your receipt to the student center to pick up your spirit shirt. Any questions? See Mrs. Fichou in the student center.

Lunch Clubs

Hillview has expanded its Lunch Club offerings!  Remind your students to check them out!
New to the lineup are: Club 41, Club Tech, Coding, Community Service, Electronic Makers, Fiber Arts Club, French Culture, Girls Learn International, Law Enforcement, and Pokemon & MTG. Continuing clubs include: Anime Club, Art Club, Book Club, Cheer/Dance Club, Chess Club, Drama Club, Game Room, Intramural Sports, Math Club, Quiz Bowl, and Science Rocks. Click here for more information about these and other Lunchtime Clubs. Lunch Clubs are supported by the Hillview PTO.

For the future and to help to save our planet: Go Paperless for Announcements

If you did not get a chance to go paperless yet and would like to save time and MPCSD money, please use this link to request your household receives only digital copies of announcements from the Hillview Office. This includes the Summer Mailer so keep an eye on your Inbox!

Hillview Earns Apple Distinguished School Status

We are proud to announce that Hillview has been designated as an Apple Distinguished School for 2015 – 17!

This recognition validates the Hillview staff’s work in using the iPad to transform teaching and learning. From visionary leadership, to innovative teaching and learning, to ongoing professional development, Hillview – with the support of the district Tech Department, the PTO, and MPAEF – has in three years rolled out iPads to all its students, developed a suite of Apps that supports the development of such skills as collaboration and creativity, and implemented a Digital Drivers License program to enable our students to be efficient, productive, and responsible users of technology. Hillview is thrilled to be among 300 schools and districts worldwide to be cited for its exemplary 21st century learning environment, and looks forward to continuing to improve the experience of our students and teachers through the 1:1 iPad program.


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