PTO Overview

PTO Overview

Mission Statement and Goals

The purpose of the Hillview PTO is to promote the education and welfare of the students in our school. To this end, the PTO takes a very active role in the enrichment activities of the school, while encouraging a feeling of community spirit among students, staff and parents. The PTO organizes and mobilizes the many parents that through their volunteerism make an active contribution to the school community. Funds to support all PTO-sponsored programs and purchases are generated through membership dues and through parent-coordinated fundraisers. We urge all parents to join the PTO and to participate to the greatest extent possible in PTO activities. Our goals include: (1) fostering a positive Middle School culture which promotes self-esteem, organizational and study skills, and academic enrichment; (2) facilitating social and emotional support through sponsored programs and activities; (3) facilitating interaction between parents and staff through volunteer opportunities; (4) promoting well-being in the community through encouraging and supporting community service efforts; and (5) providing opportunities for parent education through parent networking, speakers, and workshops.

2016-17 PTO Executive Board

*Co-Presidents Jody Buckley & Julie Nelson
Co-Vice Presidents Chris Sewell and Ashley Wagstaff
*Treasurer Cara Magliaro
Vice Treasurer Christie Tonsfeldt
Financial Secretary Gina Skinner
Recording Secretary Deanna Schroder
Communications Chair Betsy Muhlner
Auditor Sherwin Chen
Volunteer Coordinator Patti Buck
After School Activities Coordinator Kim Hinshaw
* Parliamentarian Michelle Box

* – Co-Presidents and Treasurer are elected to two-year term; Parliamentarian is appointed by Co-Presidents.

Hillview PTO Executive Board Slate for 2017-2018

The Hillview PTO Nominating Committee is pleased to present the slate for the 2017-18 Hillview PTO Executive Board. The PTO’s General Membership will vote on this slate of officers at the Hillview PTO General Meeting on Thursday, May 25 at 8:30 a.m. in the Hillview PAC.

*Co-Presidents Chris Sewell and Ashley Wagstaff
Co-Vice Presidents Suzanne Watson & Laura Paul
*Treasurer Christie Tonsfeldt
Vice Treasurer John Donald
Financial Secretary Gina Skinner
Recording Secretary Julia Molise
Communications Chair Johanna Woll
Auditor Matt Ericksen
Volunteer Coordinator Nancy Witeck
After School Activities Coordinator Jamey Hawkins
* Parliamentarian Julie Nelson

* – Co-Presidents and Treasurer were elected to serve 2 year terms in May 2016; Parliamentarian is appointed by Co-Presidents.


Newsletter submissions – Helen Chen and Alexandra Stadelman  – email

Webmaster –  Joanne Lofthouse – email

General Membership Meetings 2016-2017

Wednesday, October 26, 9:00 – 11:00 a.m, Hillview PAC

Tuesday, January 17, 9:00-10:30 a.m. – Winter General Meeting, Hillview PAC

Thursday, May 25, 8:30-10:00 a.m. – Approve PTO Budget/Board for 2017/18 School Year, Hillview PAC


To read the By-Laws to be approved for adoption at the October 2016 General Membership meeting, please click here.


2017-2018 Proposed Budget: to be approved at PTO General Meeting on May 25

2016-2017 Revised Budget for Approval: to be approved at Fall PTO General Meeting October 26

2016-17 Proposed PTO Budget: to be Approved at PTO General Meeting on May 5

2015-16 Budget Approved, Fall 2015

Revised Budget for Approval at October 22 General Meeting

2015-16 Budget Approved May 7, 2015

PTO General Meeting Minutes 2016-17

General Meeting – January 17, 2017

PTO Board Meeting Minutes 2016-17

Executive Board Meeting – May 8, 2017

Executive Board Meeting – April 17, 2017

Executive Board Meeting – March 6, 2017

Executive Board Meeting – February 6, 2017

Executive Board Meeting – January 17, 2017

Executive Board Meeting – December 5, 2016

Executive Board Meeting – November 7, 2016

Executive Board Meeting – October 3, 2016

Executive Board Meeting – September 12, 2016

PTO General Meeting Minutes 2015-16

General Meeting – May 5, 2016

General Meeting – October 22, 2015

General Meeting – May 7, 2015

Special General Meeting – May 20, 2015

PTO Board Meeting Minutes 2015-16

Executive Board Meeting – June 2, 2016

Executive Board Meeting – May 5, 2016

Executive Board Meeting – April 14, 2016

Executive Board Meeting – March 3, 2016

Executive Board Meeting – February 4, 2016

Executive Board Meeting – January 7, 2016

Executive Board Meeting – November 5, 2015

Executive Board Meeting – October 1, 2015

Executive Board Meeting – September 3, 2015

Executive Board Meeting – June 4, 2015

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