Eighth Grade Graduation Celebration

Eighth Grade Graduation Celebration

The 8th Grade Graduation Celebration is held the evening of graduation – June 16, 2017 – and is a long-standing tradition and a memorable event for ALL 8th graders.  The party is 100% funded and planned by 8th grade families.  We ask for a contribution of $50 per 8th grade student.  We also ask you to consider donating to the scholarship fund to support additional students and to ensure that all costs are covered.  All 8th graders are welcome regardless of donation.  To make your donation now, click the DONATE button below.  If you are also interested in sponsoring any portion of the party (such as the DJ etc.) your support would be greatly appreciated.  If you have any contacts in the food and beverage industry or event planning, we would love to hear from you.  Please contact Sharon Purcell or Cristy Barnes for any questions or leads.  Volunteers are also needed to plan and execute the event.  Click the VOLUNTEER button to send an email to the Volunteer Coordinator to sign up.

Thank you!

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If you would prefer to donate by check, please mail to: Cristy Barnes at 360 Claremont Way, Menlo Park Ca 94025.

Eighth Grade Grad Party Volunteers Needed

Attention 8th grade parents! 8th Grade Grad Party planning is well underway, but we are in need of extra hands to help us! If you, or your spouse, is skilled with a hammer, paintbrush or scissors, we are looking for volunteers to help construct props and other decorations. Some tasks may be completed on your own, but we also plan to schedule a couple of work days in March and April. If interested, please email Gina Skinner or Sonya Fletcher for more details.

8th Grade Party Committee – Decor – Wish List

Below is a wish list of items that we would love to borrow (or have donated!) from our parent community for this special party for the 8th graders.    If you can help with any of these items, please email Gina Skinner or Sonya Fletcher with details.

Item Needed  Quantity
White String Lights As many strands as possible
Blacklights 2 – 48″ long lights
Air Compressors (to blow up balloons) 2-3
Oversized Chess Pieces Game Set 1
Branches/Vines As many as possible
Moss Bunches As much as we can get!
Jute Burlap roll 1x 10-yard roll
Wood blocks 30 – 6″ brick size blocks
4″x4″x6′ Wood posts for signs 3 posts that are 4″x4″x6’h
Colorful Bean Bags 1-2 dozen
Large Wooden Dining table (8-9 ft) 1
Decks of playing cards 12
Decks of Jumbo Size Playing Cards 10 packs
Small table with chairs (child size) 1 table, 4-6 chairs
Outdoor style low couches & tables 2 of each (white preferred)
Black tablecloths (14) 3 for round hi-top cafe tables, 6 for 6-8′ rectangular tables, 4 for 3′ round or square tables
large ladders 4
Staple guns 4
Power screwdrivers 2
Scissors (heavy-duty, for cutting grass rugs) 4
Power strips 6
Portable coat rack w/ wheels 2
2017 Marquee Number Lights (24″ high or larger) 1 set
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