Camp Hillview / WEB

Camp Hillview / WEB

Starting middle school can be an intimidating time – for students and parents alike. At Hillview, we want all incoming Hawks to feel welcome and excited for their new journey.  That’s why we have Camp Hillview, our 6th grade orientation program that takes place at the beginning of each school year.  Camp Hillview starts the day before 7th and 8th graders officially return to school.  That way, 6th graders and the 8th grade student leaders who help run Camp Hillview – known as “WEB Leaders” – have the campus to themselves as they learn where their classes are, where they can eat lunch, the fastest way from the gym to the woodshop, and all of the other fun details that make middle school such a special time.  While students are getting to know their new campus, parents have an orientation meeting.  Being comfortable at school isn’t just for kids!Another important aspect of Camp Hillview and the WEB Program is that we carefully place students into a special group, balancing these groups to represent a roughly equal number of boys and girls, as well as an even distribution of Oak Knoll, Encinal, Laurel, and new-to- MPCSD students.  In this way, students are on equal footing and immediately make new connections.

Camp Hillview is a memorable way to start 6th grade because it…

  • …introduces middle school life: teachers, bell schedules, ASB (Associated Student Body, or student government), and behavior expectations;
  • …is facilitated by 8th grade leaders who want to get to know 6th graders and show them our amazing school;
  • …kicks off the year-long mentoring program, “Where Everybody Belongs” (WEB), run by the 8th graders. Hillview’s WEB is part of the Boomerang Project, (www.boomerangproject.com );  and,
  • …is full of fun team-building and bonding activities

We can’t wait to meet you!

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