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Volunteer at Hillview 2018-2019

Volunteer at Hillview 2018-2019

Hillview is a community-supported school – not just with money but with time. Our volunteers contribute hundreds and hundreds of hours of time that save our school, and our district, literally thousands of dollars, and free up time for our teachers and administrators to concentrate on what is most important: educating our children.

There are so many wonderful things taking place at Hillview, and we would love for you to be a part of them! From serving hot lunch (this is a great way to see the kids and it takes less than an hour), to chaperoning a dance, to providing lunch or treats for the teachers and staff — we need you! Please take a look below to see some of the ways that you can get involved at Hillview.

Clicking “yes” next to any of the selections will ensure that you receive e-mails throughout the year regarding that particular volunteer opportunity. You can then agree to help based on your availability at the time of the request — so check “yes” next to any and all opportunities that may interest you.

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill out your information in Google Forms. If have any questions about getting involved, contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Emily Moberg Robinson, at volunteer@hillviewpto.org.

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6th Grade
For 2018 – 2019, do you have a student in 6th grade at Hillview?
7th Grade
For 2018 – 2019, do you have a student in 7th grade at Hillview?
8th Grade
For 2018 – 2019, do you have a student in 8th grade at Hillview?
Please list your child’s academy if known (or academies if you have multiple children at Hillview)

Academy Support

Academy Parent
Are you interested in serving as an Academy Parent? This is similar to acting as a room parent at elementary school, but less labor intensive due to the fact that there are fewer events to coordinate. You may be asked by your child’s teachers to do some or all of the following: help recruit chaperones for a field trip; coordinate classroom volunteers to help with a special project; or arrange for food at a holiday party or end of year party. You will be contacted by the Academy Parent Coordinators once student academy assignments have been announced and after the coordinator has been able to gauge parent interest for each academy.
Academy Support
Are you interested in volunteer opportunities related to your child’s academy? This could be acting as a chaperone on a field trip, helping out with a special project in the classroom, bringing food to a classroom celebration, or other tasks as needed. You will be contacted throughout the year by the Academy Parents regarding these opportunities.

Grade Level Events

All Grades Back to School Luau
The Back to School Luau is Tuesday 08/21/2018. The Luau is the welcome back event where students can and catch up with friends, get their schedules and 7th and 8th graders can pick up their ipads upon completion of paperwork. Volunteers are needed for setup, collecting paperwork and clean up. Please check yes if you are able to help out during the event in some capacity.
6th Grade Camp Hillview
To introduce the incoming 6th graders to middle school, “Camp Hillview” allows the 6th graders a full day to get comfortable with the campus before returning students arrive. During this orientation day, they have the opportunity to learn about the school and their classes. Check “yes” if you can volunteer to help on Wednesday 08/22/2018. You will be contacted by the coordinator with details on the exact timing.
6th Grade Greek Olympics
Assist with Greek games and manage students during outdoor events in May 2019.
8th Grade BBQ
Help serve food for the 8th graders as a special lunch celebration in June 2019.
8th Grade Graduation Party Committee
Plan and execute a celebration for the graduating 8th Graders.

Student Academic Support

Math Clinic and Homework Center
Volunteer to help out students who are stuck on a concept or need some extra support. Both the Math Clinic and Homework Center are open to students to get assistance on a drop in basis after school, Monday through Thursday. Check “yes” if you are interested in helping out with the math clinic or homework center after school. You will be contacted by the staff coordinator.

Specialist Support

Assist with displaying art at school art shows and around campus.
Help coordinate events (i.e., performances at the local Farmer’s Markets and at Disneyland). Sell band t-shirts, create programs and arrange transportation to and from performances.
Publicize drama performances, assist with costumes and props, sell tickets at the show, and help coordinate the cast party.
Mend books, cover new books, and shelve books. Other tasks include transporting books to and from Encinal and Oak Knoll.
Assist with student runs and athletic events such as the Turkey Trot in November and special events such as Track and Field Week.

Campus Activities

Hot Lunch
Set up and serve lunch (provided by our outside vendor) to students. The time commitment is less than one hour. Sign up for a regular shift 1 or 2 times a month, all year. You pick your shift based on the openings available so you can sign up to work with people you know. It is a great way to meet other Hillview parents and get a glimpse into the life of a middle schooler. The Hot Lunch Coordinators with contact you and let you pick from available shifts.
Dances and Student Events
Chaperone a dance or help out with the end of year field day for all students known as “Hawkapalooza.” By checking “yes” you will receive information throughout the year about volunteering at these type of student events.
Hillview After School Sports Teams
Are you interested in helping coach an after school sports team? You do not have to have a child participating in that sport to help coach. Check “yes” and the coordinator will contact you regarding coaching opportunities and details.
Hillview Speaker Series
MPCSD provides speakers on a variety of topics. These events are offered to parents, free of charge, in the evenings and take place approximately once a month throughout the school year. Volunteers are needed to help check people in as well as to help with set up and clean up for each event. The time commitment is minimal and front row seats are reserved for volunteers! Check “yes” and you will be contacted by the speaker series coordinator about volunteer opportunities for these events. You can help out just once or throughout the year as your schedule allows.
Science Fair
All students who are interested are able to participate in Hillview’s annual science fair. Volunteers are needed to act as mentors to science fair participants and to help evaluate finished projects.
Breakfast Cafe
Volunteers provide food for the Breakfast Cafe (a program that provides daily breakfast to Hillview students in need). Check “yes” and you will receive information throughout the year about volunteering for College Bound events.
Character Education Support
Work with small groups of grade level, gender specific students. The pre-planned lessons are scripted and include such topics as Bully Prevention, Empathy, Communication and Emotion Management. Partner with a friend to lead a group of middle-schoolers. The time commitment is for several hours over a short time frame and includes a training session.

Staff Appreciation and Hospitality

Staff Appreciation Lunches, Coffee Carts and Flower Day
Set up and provide food for meals honoring faculty and staff. It’s as easy as dropping off a salad for a lunch or a breakfast treat for the coffee cart. These events take place throughout the year. We also show our appreciation to our teachers and staff by arranging and delivering donated flowers to their classrooms on one day in the Spring. By checking “yes” you will receive information throughout the year about volunteering for these type of appreciation events.

General Help

General Help
We often have last minute needs and if you are willing to be contacted to fill in for various needs throughout the school year, please check yes. There are no specific obligations, if the volunteer opportunity fits your schedule you sign up; otherwise no need to respond.
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